August 13, 2015

A Little Credit

OK, I know it's not much. But sometimes little victories can feel like big accomplishments.

On a hot September day in 2013, I was asked to join a couple of filmmakers on an adventure in Downtown LA to shoot some still photos of an actor walking through the farmer's market, Pershing Square, the Cornfield, and various other urban and natural settings.

But these weren't headshots or some other promotional portraits. They were surveillance photos.

I didn't know what the movie was about, or why I was following and documenting this man. But it was a job doing something I love, and a fun day hanging out with good people, so I didn't ask too many questions.

And then I kind of forgot about it until I saw that the film had been completed. I missed the screening of it, but fortunately I was able to watch it online.

Screenshot from YouTube

Screenshot from YouTube

Screenshot from YouTube

Screenshot from YouTube

My photos are on screen for maybe five seconds. But it's still really cool to see my name in the end credits—especially as a photographer.

Watch the scene (or the entire movie) on YouTube here.

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