July 31, 2014

I Said I Wouldn't Go Back

...unless it was to bring a group.

Photo by Todd Eric Andrews

So I returned to the ghost shipwreck, despite the arduous hike to it, despite the hot summer weather and the sun beating down.

I had first visited the wreckage of the Shipwreck Dominator during LA's annual May Gray season, a cloudy, overcast marine layer that the drought took away from us this year.

That meant I had the chance to return with some better lighting and lead my own group.

I saw things I hadn't seen before.

The dead, empty lobster shells along the rocks are a reminder of the impact that the Dominator's wreck had on the environment of Rocky Point...

...when it's wheat cargo absorbed the seawater and expanded into a gloppy oatmeal, attracting the flies which attracted the lobsters which attracted the fishermen.

You can still see a few fisherman (and their poles) down there these days...

...and although the tide was a little higher this time than last...

...I think I still discovered new pieces of wreckage that I hadn't seen before, perhaps brought in with the tide and never taken back out to sea.

Although it's not far, it's not an easy walk out there...

...and two people didn't make it all the way. But it felt like we had all really experienced something together, despite our sore ankles, fatigue and sunburn. And we were all grateful for that, and for the chance to make some new friends who share our love for adventure and discovery.

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