November 25, 2012

Photo Essay: Ziplining With the First Lady

When in Vegas earlier this month, I decided to go back to Bootleg Canyon for another zipline flight.

photo courtesy Jena - Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

I was hoping to book one of their sunset or nighttime runs, but when I called to make the appointment, they said, "Do you want to zip with the First Lady at 1 p.m.?"

"Uh, Michelle Obama?"

"Yeah. It's a public flight. She wants people to come."

"Uh, OK!"

And so I arrived at 12:30 - alone, of course - and waited. The staff excitedly asked us if we knew who we'd be flying with that day, and we all nodded - we'd all already been told.

We waited as 1 p.m. passed and they still hadn't arrived. We waited as they called to say they were on their way. We waited until they arrived, and we realized it was indeed a First Lady we'd be ziplining with, but not the First Lady of the United States: no, it was the First Lady of Nevada, Kathleen Sandoval.

photo courtesy Jena - Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon


The zipline tour operator tried to recover gracefully as we all tried to figure out the mixup that resulted in them staffing up on extra security and photographers, and an extra long wait for all of us. We set off in our van along the rocky road up to Bootleg Canyon, eyeing the group, wondering...

...had the person taking the call assumed Michelle Obama, without mention of her name? Had they asked, and whoever called to make the appointment just went with it?

photo courtesy Jena - Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon

Once I was up there, all geared up, it didn't really matter what had brought me there, on that day, at that time. It was enough that I was back...

...and ready to fly.

The weather on my second visit was a vast improvement from the first, sparing me the rain and freezing wind.

The experience from my first time also spared me the fear I'd battled before.

I felt like a pro this time, and the runs passed quickly.

And next thing I knew, it was over.

I'd like to go back on a hot summer night, though that would require me being in Vegas on a hot summer day, which I wasn't able to work out this year (not even after my Joshua Tree retreat).

But that's OK, because I've already got my mind on planning next summer...

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