November 13, 2011

Someone For Everyone

When I'm out alone, out all alone in LA, I look at the couples around me, and I judge them. Perhaps unfairly.

I see older, affluent guys with much younger, beautiful Asian wives.

I see well-groomed, well-dressed, but ultimately dorky and unattractive guys with supermodel girlfriends.

I see horribly mannered, grating voiced, screw-faced girls with nice-looking, earnest, affectionate, devoted dates.

And I think, there must be someone for everyone.

These people have found love.

So why am I alone?

Why haven't I?

If I was one of those horrible girls, I would have a date.

If I was one of those attractive girls, I would have a date.

So why don't I have a date?

Who am I?

There must be someone for everyone.

So who is for me? Who am I for?

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1 comment:

  1. My 2 cents: It might happen, but it might not. I look at you and see a more glamorous life than I will ever lead. Be happy who you are, and know that there are always people who are envious. :)