January 27, 2011

The Things I Left Behind: LA Edition

I left my Astoria apartment this morning for the last time, with two rolling suitcases, a purse, and a big Trader Joe's shopping bag in tow.

I'm bringing a lot with me on the flight to Burbank.

But I left a few things behind.

I left the cheap full-length mirror.

I left the white plywood shelves that once housed my LPs.

I left the hot pink plastic hangers that have become so brittle, they often break under the weight of the clothes that hang on them.

I left the plastic shelves I'd bought for the bathroom, because there was no room in the medicine cabinet for my makeup, bandages, medicine, and other essentials. I left the plastic shelves I'd bought for the bedroom. I don't want to live in a dorm room anymore. I'm leaving plastic behind.

I left the white metal shelf that's designed to go over the toilet, but I'd fashioned into an office since I bought it in 2001.

I left the box spring and the bed frame. I'll be sleeping on a murphy bed from now on.

I left two rolls of packing tape. I hope to not need them anytime soon.

I left the lilac-colored towel that smells of smoke.

I left the bath mat, bathroom and kitchen towels, paper towel holder, and cleaning supplies I'd bought for the apartment.

I left an old skillet.

I left a dirty pan in the stove.

I left a wine glass, and a few bottles of vodka and bourbon that only had a little bit left in them.

I left a mostly-eaten container of hummus, a half-full tub of Fresh Direct peanut butter, and various cheeses, condiments and spices.

I left both sets of keys, though I worried I would forget something and would need to return, and climb through the window again.

I left without saying goodbye to some.

I left kisses planted on others.

I left a crying friend, a worried friend, and many excited friends.

I left behind men who I could have loved, but they would not let me.

But I don't think I forgot anything, and I left behind nothing that I could have taken with me to my new life in Los Angeles...

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