November 08, 2010

Photo Essay: Steinway Industrial Business Zone

As much as I wish I had a car to take me out of Astoria, ultimately, it's a very walkable neighborhood. Just as long as you don't plan on leaving.

This weekend, I wandered up to its northernmost shore, past the final stop on the N train at Ditmars, to explore its industrial waterfront, whose major landmarks are a ConEd power facility, the Steinway & Sons piano factory, and the little-known Steinway Creek.

creek creek

piano factory Steinway piano factory

stack reflection

I also stumbled upon a construction site next door to a playground, a half-finished or half-torn-down structure looming eerily over the kids at play, whose only protection from it was a plywood wall painted bright green with signs indicating the "Falling Hazards" within its perimeter.

Not sure what they're working on in there...

But its inner cesspool was reminiscent of the smelly, rotting creek where I first began my walk, and where signs warn of raw sewage discharge during or following rainfall.

This is New York for you. Amidst all of the revelry inside the bars and clubs and cafes and diners, there are rotting docks, rusting metals, and standing water, long left neglected, abandoned so much and for so long that Nature finally just reclaims what was rightfully hers.

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  1. These are great photos! Almost post-apocalyptic.