August 28, 2010

Photo Essay: My New Neighborhood

In preparation for my move tomorrow, I went to pick up my keys today from my new roommate in Astoria, and took the opportunity to have another look around the neighborhood.

Although I always knew it was New York City's most renowned Greek neighborhood, I was struck by how Mediterranean it really did feel, right down to the archway through which I must walk to get to my building's front door, which is set off the main street in a courtyard that reminded me of the medinas of Morocco and Tunisia.

I suppose it's fitting for me to move to such a Mediterranean enclave after all my travels to North Africa. I'll feel comfortable there.

While searching for the nearest Citibank, nail salon, Rite Aid and Key Food, I spotted a few other neighborhood delights which make me slightly more excited to move... the gorgeous curve of the elevated train platform at 30th Avenue...

...many varieties of meat...

...fresh and cheap produce...


...and North African wine!

I know that you don't really know a place until you live there, so I'm reserving judgment until I spend some time in my new nabe.

But that doesn't keep me from getting annoyed when I have to wait 25 minutes for the N train at 59th Street.

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