December 23, 2009

Leave No Trace - Workplace Edition

I've taken down the holly garland I'd strung around the pole that separated my desk from the workspace to my left.

I've emptied the Hershey's Kisses from my holiday penguin tin, leaving the chocolates on the ledge of my partition that makes my old desk look like a receptionist's.

I deleted all my passwords off of Firefox.

I emptied the (physical and digital) trash.

I threw away the Post-It Notes that reminded me of things I no longer need to remember.

I set my Out of Office Autoreply.

I packed my coffee mug, water bottle, soy sauce dish, and tissue box.

I hugged my coworkers and kissed the dog goodbye.

Yesterday was my last day in the office of a three-month inhouse consulting gig. The packing felt like the office cleanup I'd completed nearly a year ago. But this time there was no celebratory brunch. No gifts. No dinner. No party. Just a goodbye and a thank you.

I'm glad to go, to move onto new things, to find something else to do. As hard as I worked and as much as I tried to impact my projects positively, upon my exit I tried to leave no physical trace of me there, so that the workspace could be returned in its original condition to its rightful owner in January.

Oops, I left a blueberry yogurt in the fridge.

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