Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Out of This City

I've been wearing the same eye makeup and hairdo since Saturday. Not the same style, mind you - I just haven't washed any of it off.

I spent the entire month of March in the city, working out of my apartment, trying to find a daily excuse to shower and put on my contacts. But now that I'm on a bus somewhere between Baltimore and Washington, DC, wearing freshly laundered clothes that don't smell of the restaurant I live above, leaving a snowy April behind me, I'm ready to scrub myself clean. Leave all traces of New York City behind me while I spend a week in our nation's capitol.

The Dianne Brill mascara has finally started to chip away, and its tube technology is leaving little chunks along my dark circles and cheekbones. I keep trying to flick it off with my fingernails but keep accidentally pulling out my eyelashes. I'm ready to get off of this bus and walk amongst the cherry blossoms.