June 10, 2008

Hot Summer Night

When it's this hot, I'm inclined to just stay home in my air conditioned apartment, but my air conditioner struggles to maintain 73 degrees so I still sweat. So last night, instead of escaping the heat, I embraced it for a patio party at Hudson Terrace.

Now that my job is nearly entirely children's entertainment, I don't get to go to so many fabulous parties anymore. I've dropped off many of the invite lists. I can't come up with an excuse to attend Winter Music Conference. So when I get a party invite that's not for a new baby website debut, I get pretty excited - not for the free drinks or food per se (at least not anymore), but more for the chance to mingle with people my own age who don't have kids.

Last night's party was hosted by mobile marketing service Mozes, and it felt like the year 2000 all over again, sipping unlimited cocktails (mixed with IZZE!) and chasing down plates of tiny food courtesy of an internet company with money to spend on industry tastemakers like ME. I felt back in my stride, eating too many little round grilled cheese bites and overlooking the Circle Line which sparkles against the dark Hudson River at night. The patio was both open and glassed-in, with no ceiling, but windows that delicately pumped out air conditioning. Long white curtains flowed gently with the breeze, and for a moment I dreamed of Miami and the exquisite Delano Hotel...

The party itself was kind of a bust. Cute swarthy waiters who normally populate these things were replaced by busty blonde chicks who were dismissive about the food rather than describing them passionately and seductively. There weren't that many people there, and I think I was the one most excited to be there. And the "superstar" musical guest was....Vanessa Carlton, who was a big bore.

A life-changing night? No, but at some point, Stella's got to get her groove back.

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