April 29, 2008

Oh, Alison!

Tonight everybody was screaming "I love you Alison!" People are obsessed with Alison Goldfrapp. I kind of am too.

I remember seeing her on late night TV years ago, singing her single "Utopia," hitting all these bizarrely high notes and thinking she must be lip-synching and then realizing that she wasn't.

I got free tickets to a Goldfrapp show at Irving Plaza around the release of their second album, and I remember not being able to take my eyes of Alison. She had all this sparkly stuff on her face and some crazy flapper outfit on, and given her band's change in musical direction from Portishead rip-off to electro dance, she did all these little moves around the stage. Entrancing.

It's been a few years since I've seen her live but I've been lucky enough to get some freebie promos of all the remixes and singles released since then, and I happily bought the excellent new album Seventh Tree after listening to the full album stream several times over on

Tonight's show at the Beacon was a little disappointing to me because Alison was recovering from a cold and we got to see her nasty side, stomping off the stage after some technical difficulties, cursing into the mic. But she also had a great little stomping march dance and more sparkly stuff on her face, and despite the cold was able to hit those piercingly high notes in "Utopia" once again. And I was really glad to see her live again, and to be able to share it with Edith.

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