February 09, 2012

Open Letter to the Wrong Tree

Dear Tree, Oh Wrong Tree, Oh You Very Wrong Tree,

Show yourself. Show yourself now, while I still know better. Show me how wrong you really are, so I can stop barking up you.

At the turn of the year, I vowed to stop barking up the wrong trees. And if you are wrong, I want to be right. I'll stop right now.

But I am persistent and patient. I have faith in you. I see the best in you. I won't automatically know that you're wrong. You have to show me. You have to really show me.

If you leave me, I won't beg you to stay. I won't try to prove myself to you. I'll let you go. I won't hold out hope.

But you have to leave me. Leave me, and I'll accept it. Don't stick around and give me hope, or pull me by a string, by the thread by which I hang.

Tell me to leave and I will go.

But you have to tell me. Otherwise I'll stay.

Because although every tree always turns out to be the wrong one, I always hope that the next one will be the right one. And I'll believe that you are right, until you prove to me that you are oh so very wrong.

Forever resolved,

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