February 06, 2011

Photo Essay: Amir's Garden in Griffith Park

I've already been in LA for over a week now and I've been so busy furniture shopping and starting my new job that I've had no time to go hiking.

I was going to fix that today.

I was dying to return to Griffith Park, whose plethora of trails always provides endless entertainment and exploration for me.

Today I set out to find Amir's Garden, a hiker's rest stop of sorts hidden in the northeastern area of the park, somewhere near the Old Zoo Picnic Grounds which I'd looked for once and couldn't find.

Today, I found both.

First, you have to climb up a short but steep fire road from the Mineral Springs parking area...

...past Water Tower #73...

...until you see the sign...

...and the plants and flowers.

There are pipes everywhere: underfoot, along railings, and trailside. Much of them provide irrigation for the garden. Watch out for the sprinklers.

It was a quick but serene hike today, me being so out of shape and so not acclimated to the warmth and sunshine that today brought. But it was one step towards a routine, towards getting back into shape, and towards covering every inch of Griffith Park that I can.

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