August 26, 2008

Photo Essay: Billy Idol @ Hammerstein

I once stood in the rain for four hours to get into a Billy Idol show. No, I wasn't a hormonal teenager, I was a grown woman looking to make up for a concert-less childhood. And Billy's semi-acoustic performance at The Bottom Line was worth feeling like a drowned rat.

Since then, I've tried to see Billy every time he performs in New York City. Up until tonight, I've always gone alone, never having thought to invite someone to come with me. But for tonight's concert, I decided to share the sweaty, fist-pumping crowd crunch with Michelle and Edith.

Billy was a little more cabaret tonight than he normally is, but I prefer his melodic side. That meant, however, that he didn't move around as much as he normally does, which forced me to stand on my tippy toes just to see and get some shots. It was like trying to capture wildlife on film through a forest of trees. My field of vision was constantly blocked by limbs waving back and forth.

A little less platinum than usual, Billy unabashedly let his shirts hang open to show off his glistening abs that won't quit.

Steve Stevens still looks amazing too.

At the end of the show, Billy was inviting us all out to the pub afterwards.

But I pursued Billy once after a show, at the stage door of The Bottom Line. A whole crowd of us chased him to his getaway vehicle. He wasn't interested in being caught.

Anyway, I'll be chasing Billy all the way to the Sunset Strip, lucky enough to see him in concert at the House of Blues while I'm in LA for a conference.

"More more more!"

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