Where I've Been

People often ask me if I have a map of all my explorations, and although I do use Google Maps religiously, it's usually to plan my future travels, rather than keep track of where I've been.

But for those who have been inspired by my posts and are interested in planning their own itineraries, here's a starting point for you. Some addresses are inexact because of the nature of the location, and some sites aren't there anymore. Whatever you do, please be sure to read signs and be respectful—leave no trace!

This is by no means comprehensive, but it does include as many of the places I've written about and photographed as possible, plus a few other spots of interest that fit in the common categories I focus on (cemeteries, trains, museums, etc.) but I just haven't posted about. I've added a few interesting and historic bars and restaurants too.

This is a work-in-progress going back before 2011, but I'll continue to keep it updated going forward.