Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Late at night when it's hard to rest....

I'm finally back in NYC but I thought I would never get here. I took the redeye on American last night, not by choice but by force from my boss. I know I can't really sleep on planes, and with my back, it was just asking for trouble.

I was actually pretty happy yesterday up to the point of getting on the plane. A few of our adventures actually started to redeem LA for me, and make me want to come back for more exploring. While looking for Radio Disney's offices, we found Bob's 49 Big Boy in Burbank - apparently the first and oldest-standing restaurant in the Big Boy chain. They still do the car hop thing and the exterior boasts the amazing original sign, as well as the recognizable Big Boy statue.

In Syracuse we had a franchise called TJ's Big Boy, and that was always our breakfast buffet stop on our way to the Adirondacks for family vacations. When I visited my sister in Columbus, OH she brought me to a Bob's, but it basically looked like a Ponderosa or something. This Big Boy in Burbank is what I've been looking for. It's like a slice of American Graffiti, and although I never got to experience 1950s American culture, I felt an immediate connection.

Unfortunately my travelling partner isn't much of a junk food guy and our eating schedule was weird so we didn't go in to eat. But it's spitting distance from the Burbank airport, so the next time I fly JetBlue...

Louis Jr's burger stand is right over here
After a full day of meetings, even my health food boss was ready to grab any grub we could find, so when we drove towards the LAX rental car return in search of gas and saw the Big Donut, both our faces lit up. "Does that say burgers?" he asked. Right next store is Louis Jr's burger stand, a place I can't even find on the internet (click here for map), but the experience there was unforgettable. They serve burgers and turkey burgers "colossal" style, which means they slap some grilled pastrami on top with a reddish special sauce that makes a big, sloppy, juicy meal. They also serve burritos and chicken sandwiches and a few other things, but the best thing is to get a collosal burger with cheese and just dig in.

I figured donuts would make a perfect dessert so I went to Randy's and got a couple to try. The cruller was disappointing to me, but I only got it for boss-man who wanted a taste anyway, so I threw the rest out. It wasn't surprising I didn't like the cruller - that guy and I don't agree on anything. He didn't like the Grafton hotel, what does that tell you?!

I must say, though: best jelly donut of my life. Can't wait to go back and try some other flavors.

I'm glad to be back, though. I really need some sleep. And food that won't make me fat.